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Y-Store Intersection Study

St. Louis County

About this project

A rendering of the Hwy 169/Hwy 1/CR 77 intersection.

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Summary of work

  • A study of existing conditions and an evaluation of safety improvements at the intersection(s) of TH 1/169/CR 77.

Traffic impacts

  • TBD

Community survey results

The project team received 48 responses to the survey and 31 comments on the interactive comment map, which was open Nov. 18-Dec. 14. Comments received from the 41 open house attendees are included in these figures. The following 10 topics were most commonly discussed in public comments:

  • Vehicles entering/exiting the Y Store
  • Safety (general, excessive speed, need to lower speed limit, better enforcement)
  • Turn land confusion (Difficulty entering/exiting Hwy 169 from/to Hwy 1 or Hwy 77)
  • Types of intersection users (through traffic vs. local/Y Store traffic)
  • Roundabout options
  • Signals/signage options
  • Change the alignment if Hwy 1 and Hwy 77 (combine or separate further)
  • Poor sight lines because of highway alignment, snow and trees
  • Relocating Hwy 169 to the south of the Y Store
  • Interchange options

Public meeting

Past meetings

We hosted a public meeting Thursday, Nov. 18, to discuss the Hwy 169/Hwy 1/CR 77 intersection. A recording is below.