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Hwy 27 — Osakis area

I-94 in Douglas County to Hwy 71 in Todd County

Improve road, bridges

Crews will work in segments along Hwy 27 and temporary hard closures will occur to reconstruct the road, bridges and underground structures.

Detour until November

Osakis east to Hwy 71: Closed to reconstruct road and bridges between Co. Rd. 51/ Co. Rd. 82 in Osakis and Hwy 71 south of Long Prairie. Detour uses Hwy 71 to Todd Co. Rd. 2 to Co. Rd. 51 to Osakis. Map, PDF or Google map

  • Temporary access changes for work at:
    • Hwy 71, Hwy 27 and Midway Rd. intersection at Round Prairie:
      • Hwy 71 open
      • Hwy 27 access remains closed
      • Midway Rd. access temporarily closed; use alternate route Map, PDF
    • Hwy 27 and Co. Rd. 51/ Co. Rd. 82 (E Nokomis St.) intersection at Osakis
      • Temporary signal used for alternate one-way traffic through intersection
      • Hwy 27 closed between Co. Rd. 51/ Co. Rd. 82 (E Nokomis St.) to Co. Rd. 3 (1st Ave. E). Detour continues on Co. Rd. 82 (E Nokomis St.) and Co. Rd. 3 (1st Ave. E) Map, PDF
Project location map
Improve Hwy 27 in Todd and Douglas counties in 2022. Click on map for pdf version

Summary of work

  • Reconstruct the road surface (full-depth reclaim) and widen shoulders from Douglas Co. Rd. 82/Todd Co. Rd. 51 to Hwy 71
  • Reconstruct three bridges over waterways near Osakis, includes the bridge over the Sauk River east of Todd Co. Rd. 37
  • Reconstruct the Lake Wobegon Trail bridge over Hwy 27 in Osakis
  • Resurface the road and shoulders (mill and overlay) from Douglas Co. Rd. 82/Todd Co. Rd. 51 in Osakis and I-94
  • Improve access along corridor
  • Repair or replace drainage pipes