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Hwy 34

East of CR 29 to west of Osage

Project information

The Minnesota Department of Transportation will be completing a resurfacing project on Highway 34, from Becker County Road 29 to west of Osage, County Road 26/47 (old MN225). This project is scheduled for construction in 2023.

In preparation for that project, MnDOT is partnering with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to complete selective logging within the state right of way on the south side of Highway 34 from west of Snellman to the Shell River. That work is tentatively scheduled to start in the fall/winter of 2022.

In the fall/winter of 2022, trees and vegetation will be cleared from the remaining portion of the future project, from County Road 29 to west of Snellman. All of this work will take place in the state highway right of way. Learn more about MnDOT's Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management Plan.

Project details

Highway 34 tree work
  • Full removal of all trees and vegetation 65 feet from both sides of the center of Highway 34 for Clear Zone purposes.
  • Project is 42 lane miles, 21 miles each direction. Selective logging to occur on less than 5 miles as areas of wetlands and residents are not logged. Selective logging equates to less than 12% of project lane miles, and less than 4% of the scenic byway lane miles. See exhibit below.

Highway 34 selective tree harvesting map from Snellman to the Shell River.

Link to the MnDOT Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management Plan

County 29 to Snellman (14 miles)
  • Pavement reclamation to improve ride condition
  • Culvert replacements
  • Tree removals within Clear Zone (65 feet from centerline)
Map of Highway 34 from County 29 to Snellman.
Snellman to County 47 (West of Osage) (7 miles)
  • Bridge/Box culvert and culvert replacements
  • Pavement reclamation to improve ride condition
  • Tree removals within clear zone (65 feet from centerline)
  • Selective Logging (beyond Clear Zone)
Map of Hwy 34 from Snellman to County 47 (West of Osage).

Future traffic impacts

  • During logging: shoulder closures, potential lane closures
  • During construction: will be detoured. Detour route to be determined

Project compromises

  • MnDOT’s original plans were to remove 85% of trees as shown below. Through public engagement MnDOT has reduced the removals to 50%
  • Originally proposed was an 85% removal of trees with 15% of trees remaining out to 250' with unique DNR contract for minimal impact harvest
  • First compromise was a 75% removal of trees with 25% of trees remaining out to 150'
  • Final compromise is a 50% removal of trees with 50% of trees remaining out to 150'