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Hwy 59 Concrete Repair

South of Marshall

This project is complete.

Project summary

Originally, MnDOT planned to repair and diamond grind sections of the concrete pavement on Hwy 59 in two locations (see below). Diamond grinding is a process that makes the pavement smoother.

  • Hwy 59 from the intersection of Hwy 23 in Marshall to the intersection of Lyon County Road 6 (south of Marshall).
  • Hwy 59 from the intersection of Hwy 14 (near Garvin) to just north of the intersection of Hwy 30.

However, the project was scaled back as crews encountered more repairs than were originally estimated. The roadway had deteriorated from the bottom up in many places and the full extent of repair work wasn't known until crews began removing the old concrete pavement.

MnDOT looked for additional funding options, but not enough funding was available to repair the entire stretch of roadway as originally planned. A future project will be introduced to allocate the funding required to repair the remaining segments. The project was updated as follows.

Road sections that were fully or partially completed

  • Hwy 59 from Hwy 14 to Lyon County Road 14 through Garvin
  • Hwy 59 from Lyon County Road 14 to 241st St
  • Hwy 59 from Hwy 30 to 201st St

Road sections that were postponed

  • Hwy 59 from Hwy 23 in Marshall to Lyon County Road 6
  • Hwy 59 from 241st St to 201st St

Crews are replacing sections of concrete on US 59 near the RR crossing