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Hwy 36 Study

North St. Paul, Oakdale

About this project

This study included the development of design concepts and conceptual level layouts for approval from the Washington and Ramsey County Boards, City of Oakdale Council, City of North St. Paul, and the state. This work also included determining design concepts (including intersection and interchange concepts) and forecasting traffic using the Washington and Ramsey County Model/Regional Model.  After the preferred concepts were identified the contractor prepared concept level layouts for the three concepts. 

The three interchange configuration alternatives include at least one interchange alternative that can serve both Hwy 120 and Hadley Avenue. An evaluation of each alternative was developed to assist in the preferred alternative selection process.

In addition, the study analyzed the Hwy 120 corridor, between Holloway Avenue and 20th Avenue East, in the City of North St. Paul.  The analyses compared, but were not be limited to, a review of traffic operations. The review included level of service, access management alternatives (developed in accordance with State policies), and right-of-way implications with a suggested implementation timeframe and cost.

Work included within the study included the following:

  • Preparation of preliminary concept analysis
  • Traffic forecasts that used the state's 2006 guidelines
  • Determined capacity level of service for each concept
  • Developed approximate construction limits for each preferred concept

Preferred concepts considered alignment, profile, cross-section, preliminary bridge to adequately define the geometrics, impacts and right-of-way needs of the concept. Each concept also include the design of sidewalks and trails.