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Hwy 36 Study

North St. Paul, Oakdale

Study complete

Map of Hwy 36 study area in North St. Paul and Oakdale.
Map of Hwy 36 study area in North St. Paul and Oakdale.
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The purpose of the study was to develop preliminary concept designs for intersection improvements to Hwy 36 at the intersections of Hwy 120 (Century Ave.) and Hwy 35 (Hadley Ave.), located just west of I-694. The study included evaluation of alternative intersection designs, interchange designs and concept level layouts for selected concepts.

The preliminary concepts identified recommended access control. They also recommend supporting road connections in an attempt to conform to access spacing guidelines, public and private utility issues, storm water management options, wetland impacts and identification of other critical issues.

Officials of the State, MnDOT, Mn DNR, City of Oakdale and City of North St. Paul, Ramsey and Washington Counties, and local businesses and residents worked in coordination throughout the study.

If you would like a copy of the final report, please contact us.

About the Hadley interchange project

Washington County led the design and construction of the Hwy 36/Hadley Ave. interchange and secured the funding. The interchange was opened to traffic in Fall 2019 and the project was completed in summer 2020. The vision for the interchange was determined in the Hwy 36 study completed in 2014.