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Nov. 15, 2021

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Navigating two new mini roundabouts on Hwy 19 through New Prague

MANKATO, Minn. – With the recent construction of two mini (compact) roundabouts on Highway 19 through New Prague, and with the upcoming holiday season bringing extra traffic, motorists are reminded to follow some roundabout driving tips to safely navigate through them.

The two new mini roundabouts are located on Highway 19 at 1st Avenue NE/SE and Highway 19 at Columbus Avenue. The mini roundabouts replaced a traffic signal at the 1st Avenue NE/SE intersection and side street stop control at the Columbus Avenue intersection.

Roundabouts require motorists entering the circle to YIELD to traffic already in the circle.

“Crashes that do occur in roundabouts are primarily due to motorists not yielding and/or driving too fast,” according to Nick Ollrich, Traffic Engineer at the Minnesota Department of Transportation. “The advisory speed limit through the mini roundabouts in New Prague is 15 mph. Yielding to traffic in the circle and driving the advisory speed limit will go a long way in preventing crashes.”

With winter approaching, MnDOT reminds motorists that snow and ice conditions in the roundabouts are really no different than any other intersection.  Motorists need to slow down and drive for conditions.

To watch an animated visualization of traveling through the recently completed Highway 19 construction project in New Prague, including navigation through the mini roundabouts, go to: https://www.newpraguemainstreet.com/
Roundabout driving tips:

  • Slow down when approaching a roundabout.
  • Yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.
  • Yield to vehicles already in the roundabout. Merge into the traffic flow when it is safe.
  • Continue through the roundabout until you reach your exit. Do not stop or pass in a roundabout.
  • Exit the roundabout immediately if an emergency vehicle approaches, and then pull over. Do not stop in the roundabout.
  • Yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk when exiting the roundabout.
  • Give large trucks extra space in a roundabout. The trailer on large trucks may travel over portions of the center island in mini roundabouts.
  • For more information on roundabouts visit: www.dot.state.mn.us/roundabouts/