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June 7, 2022

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MnDOT extends emergency grade raise, reminds motorists to follow signal systems on Hwy 11

Duluth, Minn. — MnDOT will be extending the emergency grade raise on Hwy 11 on Rainy Lake near Island View. While the grade raise is being constructed, motorists should expect delays. Single lane bypasses are controlled by signals or by stop and take turns.

MnDOT has been monitoring the bypass signal systems and have them timed appropriately for the travel distance. Do not travel when the light is red to avoid conflict with oncoming traffic. Travel only when the signal is green and wait until the next cycle before entering the bypass as traffic may be approaching from the other direction. Do not stop in the bypass for any reason including to observe conditions or take pictures.

At this time, Hwy 11 will remain open. Water levels will continue to be closely monitored. This work is being conducted to prevent the residents and businesses from being cut off from all land-based access and services.