Minnesota Department of Transportation

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MnDOT Policies

Policies in development or currently under revision

  • Air Transportation Service Pilot Duty Eligibility Requirements (New)
  • Art on the Trunk Highway Right of Way (Revision)
  • COOP and Emergency Closure of State Facilities (New)
  • Cost Participation (Revision)
  • Driver's License and Record Review (Revision)
  • Fitness for Duty (Revision)
  • Recruitment and Selection (Revision)
  • Return to Work (Revision)
  • Security of MnDOT Facilities and Property (Revision)
  • Tuition Reimbursement for Employee-Initiated Education or Training (Revision)
  • Unauthorized Encampment Removal (Revision)
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Revision)
  • Vacation Leave at Separation (New)
  • Vehicle Fluid and Cargo Spill Response (New)
  • Violence-Free and Respectful Workplace (Revision)
  • Workplace Violence Prohibited (New)