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Public Engagement and Communications

Public engagement is the ongoing process of involving the public in identifying and solving challenges and problems; using public input to make sustainable decisions; educating or informing the public about a topic or issue; or seeking to build meaningful connections and trust with the public through communication and interaction. Activities may include facilitating community participation in MnDOT’s planning, project development and decision-making processes; holding or convening community meetings, focus groups or advisory committees to identify and solve problems or help MnDOT make a decision; and reviewing and analyzing public input to inform decision-making.


Communication activities are intended to provide clear, reliable, and timely information to diverse audiences about transportation projects, initiatives, and policies.¬†They include media and public relations, external communications and marketing (including web, graphics, and social media), crisis communications, and internal communications. MnDOT district Public Affairs Coordinators (PACs) direct and manage district communication activities and serve as the district’s media relations contact.¬†They also coordinate and implement communication activities related to construction and maintenance projects.