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ADA Section


To ensure ADA compliance is obtained within MnDOT right of way throughout all project phases from scoping to construction.

Products the section provides

  • ADA scoping and design recommendations
  • ADA plan reviews at 30%, 60%, 90% and final turn in
  • ADA standard plans, standard plates, and special provisions
  • ADA construction assistance
  • ADA design and construction certification classes

What to expect from the section

  • The products listed above
  • Awareness of laws, rules and standards that pertain to ADA
  • ADA Design and construction support throughout the State

What you need to provide to the section

  • ADA Plan Review Checklist #1 and #2
  • ADA Design Memo
  • ADA Compliance Checklists for Curb Ramps and APS
  • ADA Project Compliance Submittal Form

What the section expects from you

  • The items listed above
  • Coordination throughout the scoping and design process
  • Project change updates that affect ADA