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Project development

Functional groups

Environmental Stewardship Office


The Office of Environmental Stewardship (OES) provides services for compliance with statutory environmental law throughout the development and construction of transportation projects. The Environmental Review section of the TPDP provides guidance for project managers and planners regarding MnDOT’s environmental commitments during scoping, design, construction, and maintenance activities for a diversity of transportation projects. For products and services visit OES unit pages.

Cultural resources

Balancing the state's transportation needs with historic preservation

Environmental assessment

Support for environmental review, water resources and wetlands, stormwater requirements, and protected species

Environmental modeling and testing

Air, noise, soil and water quality testing

Environmental planning and design

Integrating visual and aesthetic details with the built environment

Contaminated materials

Contaminated material management resources and guidance

Regulated materials

Regulated material management resources and guidance, and storage tank compliance

Roadside vegetation

Management techniques for safer traveling conditions and aesthetically pleasing landscapes

Erosion and construction stormwater management

Project design, construction and maintenance support

Scenic byways

A cooperative effort between MnDOT and local community groups to preserve, promote and enhance some of our most scenic and historic state highway corridors.