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Public engagement case studies

Engagement challenge Description Project IAP2 spectrum level Solution
Multiple agencies Snow fences Blowing Snow Collaborate, empower Collaborating with agencies and community
Rumors, misinformation about project Pavement concerns, pedestrian accessibility (ADA) requirements, traffic flow Glenwood Complete Streets Inform, consult Working closely with agencies, and face-to-face engagement
Strong initial support, skewed perception of community opinion Road diet Success Through Failure Engage Listen to community
Misinformation, rumors, building trust Bridge, road realignment Hwy 53/Virginia Consult “Coffee and conversations” (recurring meetings)
Noise abatement decision Community noise engagement process Hwy 100/St. Louis Park Inform, empower Community noise engagement process
Short time frame, public health issues, major impact New bridge deck Hwy 149 High Bridge/St. Paul Inform, consult, involve, collaborate Workshop, on-line visual preferences survey
Short time frame, public and stakeholder conflict, impacts to public Legislative Mandate Mowing & Haying Policy Inform, consult, involve Listening sessions
Public-private partnership, business impacts, Environmental Justice communities New rail connection, realignment Willmar Wye Freight Rail Inform, consult Public engagement plan, partnerships, inclusive approach, community outreach and pop-up meetings, language translation
Trust, minority communities Planning study Rethinking Interstate 94 Inform, collaborate Relationships, workshops
Multiple community concerns Speed study, corridor improvements Hwy 316/Hastings - Turning Concerns into Solutions Involve Listen to community, context sensitive design, consultant
Pre-scoping outreach Ongoing engagement, pre-scoping Pre-scoping Outreach: Early Collaboration with Communities Collaborate Early engagement, building relationships with community
Helping the community feel connected and informed New construction, bridge, major project Red Wing Bridge Involve Partnerships, community connections