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MASH-16 Updates for Sign Structures and Roadside Safety Hardware

Sign Installation Training pertains to both permanent and temporary traffic control plans. This training will cover basic sign structures and highlight the changes from u-channel to square tube sign supports. This includes plan reading of permanent and temporary signing plans and will focus on the recent sign structure and detail standard changes. It will also cover sign installation and will include a demonstration of installing a sign outside.

Participants will learn about the following signing changes in both permanent and temporary signing plans:

  • 5 different types of square tube sign structures
  • Overview of signing plans with emphasis on square tube sign structures, new standard plan sheets, and temporary traffic control typical details/templates
  • Installation of square tube sign structures

Intro to Crashworthiness

Sign Design Training Square Tube and Standards

This video covers the changes to square tube sign structures for permanent signing and new standard plans that have been developed. Design tools such as wind load charts, sample plans, and standard plans can be found on the MnDOT Signing Design page.  MnDOT Signing publications including the Standard Signs and Markings Manual and Summary can be found on the MnDOT Standard Signs and Markings page.

Sign Installation Training

Roadside Safety Hardware Inspection Training