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Topic Name Email address Phone number
Adhesive Anchors Joe Black joe.black@state.mn.us 651-366-4485
Aesthetic Guidelines Melissa Schultz melissa.schultz@state.mn.us 651-366-4465
Concrete Mixes Jake Gave jacob.gave@state.mn.us 612-554-9289
Design Build Kyle Fritz kyle.fritz@state.mn.us 763-358-2223
Guardrail Khamsai Yang khamsai.yang@state.mn.us 612-322-5601
Guardrail Design Standards Unit designstandards.dot@state.mn.us N/A
Construction and Scoping Engineer Paul Pilarski paul.pilarski@state.mn.us 651-485-3167
Metro Region Engineer Ryan Rohne ryan.rohne@state.mn.us 651-755-9881
North Region Engineer (D1-D4) Nick Haltvick nick.haltvick@state.mn.us 651-216-3219
South Region Engineer (D6-D8) Karl Gronvall karl.gronvall@state.mn.us 651-242-6062
Pile Driving and Bridge Construction Field Support Andy Fritz andrew.fritz@state.mn.us 507-259-1360
Training Mark Spafford mark.spafford@state.mn.us 651-470-9862

Topic Name Email address Phone number
LRFD Bridge Design Manual Karl Johnson karl.johnson@state.mn.us N/A
Standards Engineering Karl Johnson karl.johnson@state.mn.us N/A
Standards Library Leonard Barnes leonard.barnes@state.mn.us 651-366-4532

Topic Name Email address Phone number
Bridge and Structure Inspection Field Manual Pete Wilson pete.wilson@state.mn.us 651-485-3285
Drones/UAS Tyler Stindtman tyler.stindtman@state.mn.us 507-327-5996
FHWA Metric Compliance Pete Wilson pete.wilson@state.mn.us 651-485-3285
Field Certification Test Tyler Stindtman tyler.stindtman@state.mn.us 507-327-5996
Snooper Scheduling Josh Thiemann joshua.thiemann@state.mn.us 612-394-7042
Snooper Training Scott Theisen scott.a.theisen@state.mn.us 651-366-4475
Steel Nondestructive Testing Todd Olson todd.olson@state.mn.us 651-470-9241
Timber Bridge Inspection Equipment Rodney Carter rodney.carter@state.mn.us 651-592-8193

Topic Name Email address Phone number
Bridge Data Requests Bridge Data Requests bridgedatarequests.dot@state.mn.us N/A
SIMS Questions and Requests SIMS Questions and Requests simshelp.dot@state.mn.us N/A

Topic Name Email address Phone number
Bridge Maintenance Shared Equipment Joe Podobinski joseph.podobinski@state.mn.us 651-219-2290
Bridge Maintenance Support Joe Podobinski joseph.podobinski@state.mn.us 651-219-2290
Fires Affecting Structures Jihshya Lin jihshya.lin@state.mn.us 651-366-4490
Foam Jacking Joe Podobinski joseph.podobinski@state.mn.us 651-219-2290
Maintenance Manual Sarah Sondag sarah.sondag@state.mn.us 651-285-6625
Scour and Flood Assistance Solomon Woldeamlak solomon.woldeamlak@state.mn.us 651-366-4476
Strip Seal Joint and Gland Identification Jihshya Lin jihshya.lin@state.mn.us 651-366-4490
Superstructure Jacking Plan Jihshya Lin jihshya.lin@state.mn.us 651-366-4490
Training Sarah Sondag sarah.sondag@state.mn.us 651-285-6625

Topic Name Email address Phone number
Commercial Vehicle Permits Yihong Gao yihong.gao@state.mn.us 651-366-4492
Load Rating Evaluation Yihong Gao yihong.gao@state.mn.us 651-366-4492

Topic Name Email address Phone number
Bridge Repairs Paul Pilarski paul.pilarski@state.mn.us 651-366-4562
New Bridges Larry Aamodt larry.aamodt@state.mn.us 651-366-4461

Topic Name Email address Phone number
Bridge Plans Brian Homan brian.homan@state.mn.us 651-366-4494
Hydraulics Erik Brenna erik.brenna@state.mn.us 763-453-4163
Load Ratings Moises Dimaculangan moises.dimaculangan@state.mn.us 651-366-4522
North Region Team Leader Liaison (D1-D4) Randy Aamodt randy.aamodt@state.mn.us 218-521-0215
Assistant North Region Team Leader Liaison (D1-D4) Josh Thiemann joshua.thiemann@state.mn.us 612-394-7042
South Region Team Leader Liaison (D6-D8, Metro) Rodney Carter rodney.carter@state.mn.us 651-592-8193
Assistant South Region Team Leader Liaison (D6-D8, Metro) Tyler Stindtman tyler.stindtman@state.mn.us 507-327-5996

Topic Name Email address Phone number
MnDOT Supplier Qualification Program Rich Karras richard.karras@state.mn.us 651-470-2010