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Frequently asked questions

Project design

Why will the new road be narrower?

Will the project require any changes to my driveway?

  • Generally speaking it would remain the same with no adjustments to width, location, alignment or curbing. The only time it would be changed is if construction required it, or if it didn’t meet current standards. Each location is looked at and considered individually with the property owner. The state standard for width is 24 feet for residential and 32 feet for commercial.

Will trucks be able to turn out of the grain elevator?

  • The new configuration will still be able to accommodate the turning movements of legally loaded semi-trucks.

What type of boulevard (grass or concrete) will constructed?

  • The boulevard will be matched with what is currently in place. Generally speaking that includes grass in the residential areas and concrete in the commercial.

How is greenspace paid for?

  • MnDOT pays for greenspace that is included in the normal scope of the project. If the City of Hallock opted to include additional landscaping, or site beautification options, they would be responsible for the cost and maintenance. The City could also seek out additional funding sources to pay for these additions.

What can you tell me about the boulevard light fixtures?

  • Not all lighting will be replaced, as some fixtures may not be impacted by construction and they will stay in place. Although lighting is included in the project, the availability of equipment is subject to demand and installation may be delayed.

Will the project replace any city utilities?

  • Currently the City of Hallock has not proposed any utility updates with this project.

Pedestrian improvements

Why do ADA improvements need to be done?

  • MnDOT is obligated by policy to ensure that pedestrian facilities meet state and federal standards. This means that anytime MnDOT conducts a construction project, it must also review the current facilities and make improvements regardless to the amount of bike/pedestrian use there may be.

Can we delay ADA improvements, or get a waiver to skip them?

  • No, they are required with any highway construction project in an urban area.


How will I access my business or home during construction?

  • Access to homes and businesses will be maintained throughout the project. As much as possible crews will attempt to minimize interruptions and accommodate individual requirements. Be sure to contact us with your concerns so we can search for possible solutions.

Can we park on the street during construction?

  • No parking is allowed in construction zones or detour locations.

More information

How has the community been included with this study?

  • Along with individual comments that have been provided, the process included three public meetings.