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Hwy 10—St. Cloud to Clear Lake

Sherburne County

Identifying issues

You told us about the issues you experience on Hwy 10 between St. Cloud and Clear Lake. We compiled what we heard and what our traffic engineers found. Make sure we got it right and leave a comment.


Intersection/driveway related
  • High access density
  • Dated road design
  • High traveled speeds
  • High traffic volumes on Hwy 10
  • Backups on Hwy 10
  • High heavy truck volumes
  • Two BNSF Railroad tracks along Hwy 10
Design along Hwy 10
  • Nearby trees and steep slopes
  • Frequent slick road surfaces
  • No barrier between oncoming lanes


Crossing Hwy 10
  • High vehicle speeds
  • High vehicle volumes
  • Multiple lanes to cross
Traveling along Hwy 10
  • No separated bike or pedestrian facility


Signalized intersections
  • Traffic congestion during peak periods (morning and evening)
  • Seasonal traffic congestion on weekends
Two-way stop intersections
  • Long local road wait times to enter or cross Hwy 10
  • No U-turn locations
Local and regional network
  • Limited parallel roads to take as alternative route
  • Potential for beltway expansion


Crossing Hwy 10
  • Long waits to cross
  • Pedestrian sidewalk only at Hwy 24 and 15th Avenue
Traveling along
  •   No separated bike or pedestrian facility


Destinations within the corridor
  • Many driveways onto Hwy 10
  • Limited or no alternate access
Destinations across the corridor
  • Full access driveway conflict and delay
  • Limited East-West local network
Destinations through the corridor
  • Many regional and interregional trips
  • Difficult to leave Travel Information Center


Destinations within the corridor
  • Only two signalized pedestrian crossings 
  • No dedicated bike or pedestrian facility along Hwy 10 or on other roads
Destinations across the corridor
  • Hwy 10 alignment is a barrier for East-West and North-South trips
Destinations throughout the corridor
  • High risks discourage most bicyclists and pedestrians from making trips

Draft corridor vision

Develop a safe, efficient, and accessible highway for all users with destinations along, across, or through Hwy 10 between Hwy 24 and 15th Ave SE.

Draft corridor goals

  • Goal 1: Improve safety for all users of Hwy 10, which has an ongoing history of high severity vehicle crashes and many risk factors for both motorized and non-motorized users.
  • Goal 2: Reduce overall delay for all users on Hwy 10, which currently experience excessive intersection delay at the Hwy 24 and 15th Ave SE intersections and significant delay for side road users entering, crossing, or turning left off Hwy 10.
  • Goal 3: Modernize access along and across the corridor to industrial, commercial, agricultural, Institutional, and residential properties for all users and vehicle types.

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About this corridor study

Hwy 10 study location map
View full-size Hwy 10 project location map

A study is underway to identify future safety and access needs along Hwy 10 from 15th Ave. SE/7th St. SE in St. Cloud and Hwy 24 in Clear Lake, Sherburne County.

MnDOT will analyze current and future demographics, land use, development, maintenance operations, road and drainage conditions, safety data, and public feedback to support recommended improvements.