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Hwy 25 — Buffalo to Monticello

Wright County

2021 corridor study

MnDOT, in partnership with Wright County and the Cities of Buffalo and Monticello, conducted a 2021 corridor study to identify improvement needs along Hwy 25 between Catlin St. in Buffalo and Kjellberg Ct. in Monticello.

Road and access conditions were studied and included traffic counts, traffic forecasts as well as safety concerns within the Hwy 25 study area. Considerations included use of turn lanes, access to/from Hwy 25, sight distances on curves, shoulders, pedestrian crossing and overall safety along the corridor.

Study summary eDOC 16742010 (PDF)

If you have questions or would like an electronic version of the entire final study, contact:

Zach Whitley
MnDOT Project Study Manager