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Hwy 14 Intersection Safety Improvement

Rochester to Byron

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Map of Hwy 14 Intersection Improvement project
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Construction work to close the Hwy 14 medians at Olmsted Co. Rd. 44 and 7th St. NW is scheduled to begin west of Rochester on Monday, July 25.

MnDOT maintenance crews will begin removing the pavement along the medians July 25 as part of an interim safety effort aimed at reducing high-speed, right-angle crashes (T-bone crashes) until an interchange can be funded and built at Co. Rd. 44. Removing the option for traffic to cross Hwy 14 at these two intersections will reduce the chance of these types of crashes, which often cause serious injuries or death.

MnDOT’s decision to close the two medians is an interim safety measure until an interchange crossing can be funded at Co. Rd. 44. MnDOT and Olmsted County are working in partnership on a design and will have plans ready whenever funding might be secured.

Motorists will encounter lane closures during the construction and are reminded to slow down in the work zone and be attentive and alert to equipment and workers near the traffic lanes. Crews will not have eastbound lane closures until after the morning commuting period and will not have lane closures westbound during the afternoon commuting period.

The safety work will be occurring along the Hwy 14 corridor both this year and in 2023. Plans call for:

Hwy 14 and 7th St. NW

  • Permanently close the median at 7th St. NW.
  • Vehicles will still be able to exit and enter, however not cross Hwy 14.
  • Not allowing vehicles to cross the roadway helps prevent T-bone crashes. These kinds of crashes often result in serious injuries or death.

Hwy 14 and Olmsted Co. Rd. 44

  • Permanently close the median at Hwy 14 and Olmsted Co. Rd. 44.
  • Vehicles will still be able to exit and enter, however not cross Hwy 14.

Hwy 14 and Olmsted Co. Rd. 3

  • Construct a reduced conflict intersection (RCI) at Hwy 14 and Olmsted Co. Rd. 3 in 2023
  • Vehicles will exit and enter Hwy 14, but only be able to cross the roadway at designated U-turn sections.
  • This change stops vehicles from going directly across and significantly reduces T-bone crashes. It also allows for vehicles to cross over the roadway.
  • Other interim safety changes, like the installation of flashing warning signs to alert drivers at the intersection, will be installed this summer to help draw driver’s attention to the dangerous crossing.

Hwy 14 and Country Club Rd.

  • Delay the closure of Country Club Rd. until the RCI at Olmsted Co. Rd. 3 is constructed in 2023.

High-tension cable median barriers

  • Continue with the installation of the high-tension cable median barriers along the Hwy 14 ditch in 2023
  • This change will not affect safety at intersections, but can reduce head-on cross-over crashes, which often result in serious injuries or death.

MnDOT will continue to collaborate with our partners at Olmsted County on funding options for a future interchange and interim safety measures.

Construction to remove the medians at Olmsted Co. Rd. 44 and 7th St. NW will begin in late July. Notices will be sent via the project email/text updates before the work begins, as well as a news release to ensure as many people are aware of the plan and remind motorists to be safe traveling through the work zone.

People with questions or comments should reach out to Mike Dougherty at michael.dougherty@state.mn.us or 507-251-2749.

Future of Hwy 14 and Olmsted Co. Rd. 44

Olmsted County, in partnership with MnDOT, is planning improvements at Co. Rd. 44 and Hwy 14. The project is looking into long-term solutions that improve safety while accommodating future growth. Different interchanges are being analyzed along with other options. A public meeting was held on June 30, 2022. Information about the development of this project can be found on the Olmsted County project web page.

Traffic impacts

Traffic will be reduced to one lane during the summer of 2022 when the medians of Co. Rd. 44 and Co. Rd. 3 are removed. Sign up to receive updates through the project email/text updates.