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Rumble strip installation

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Rumble strip project map and locations
Southeast Minnesota Rumble Strip Project map


Installation of rumble strips has resumed in May. Motorists will see crews out on these segments of state highway through the month of May. Please be alert for any traffic slowdowns. Watch for flaggers and paint crews at these sites as the work continues. Here are the sites:

  • Hwy 60, Hwy 56 to Hwy 52 (Kenyon to Zumbrota)
  • Hwy 63, 0.6 miles east of Hwy 52 to 0.2 miles west of Olmsted County Road 33 (75th St. north of Rochester)
  • Hwy 248, Winona County Road 26 to Hwy 61 (Altura to Minnesota City)
  • Hwy 14, 0.7 miles east of Winona County Road 23 to 1.1 miles west of Hwy 61 (Stockton to Winona)
  • Hwy 14, Winona County Road 25 to 0.2 miles west of Winona County Road 23
  • Hwy 43, 0.5 miles south of Winona County Road 27 to I-90 (North of Rushford to I-90)
  • Hwy 16, 0.6 miles east of Houston County Road 13 to Walnut Street west of Hwy 44 (Hokah)
  • Hwy 16, 0.2 miles north of Houston County Road 7 to 0.2 miles south of Hwy 26 (Near Hokah to Hwy 26)
  • Hwy 44, 0.2 miles north of Hwy 76 to 0.9 miles south of Houston County Road 18 (Houston to Hokah)
  • Hwy 52, 0.2 miles north of Fillmore County Road 11 to 1.1 miles south of Fillmore County Road 5 (Fountain to Chatfield)
  • Hwy 218, 0.5 miles north of Mower County Road 45 to 1.1 miles south of Hwy 30 (Austin to Blooming Prairie)

Summary of work

Installation of rumble strips will occur in various locations across southeast Minnesota.

Rumble strips are grooves or rows of indents in the pavement designed to alert inattentive drivers through noise and vibration and reduce the number of crashes. Find more information about rumble strips.

Traffic impacts

  • Delays should be minimal through the work zone. On two-lane roads, motorists will take turns using the single open lane while being directed by flaggers. On four-lane roads, there will be lane closures.