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MnDOT is dedicated to the efficient movement of freight and commodities within Minnesota, including the movement of freight by truck, rail, water, and air. The freight office is engaged in many activities related to both freight planning and operations.

News and notices

State Freight Plan and State Rail Plan updates kick off

MnDOT has begun the process of updating the State Freight Plan and the State Rail Plan as part of an ongoing effort to develop transportation plans that improve freight access, reliability and connections across the state. These efforts will help to inform future investments as well engage the public, stakeholders and freight industry in visioning the freight and railroad networks over a 20 year period. In addition, these efforts are part of the MnGO Family of Plans and will help connect to and inform the Minnesota Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan.

Minnesota Rail Service Improvement Program Grant Funding

MnDOT announces $9.6 million in grant funding for rail projects that will support economic development in different parts of the state. 2023 Minnesota Rail Service Improvement Program (MRSI)

For questions about the application, contact Meredith Alt.

District Freight Plan updates

MnDOT is developing regional District Freight Plans for each area of the state to identify future freight needs that can be incorporated into future construction projects. As part of this effort, MnDOT has released the adopted versions of the District Freight Plans for west-central Minnesota in District 4, southeast Minnesota in District 6 and southcentral Minnesota in District 7. In April, MnDOT will also be starting an effort to develop a regional freight plan for the Metro District.