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2024 MRSI grant

Score Applicant Description Amount awarded

Progressive Rail, Incorporated

Progressive Rail-Bridge Program

77.6 Nexus Cooperative Phase 2 Rail Loader and Storage $1,900,000
76.8 Meadowlands Farmers Co-op Echo Agronomy Siding Track Construction $1,106,942
76.7 Seven Rivers Intermodal Terminal LLC Seven Rivers Intermodal Terminal Expansion $511,446
76.7 American Crystal Sugar Company Crookston Packaged Product Rail Transportation Capacity Increase $960,000
72.2 Louisiana-Pacific Corporation Louisiana-Pacific Watkins Rail Improvement $1,500,000
71.6 DeRock Capital Group, LLC Hector, MN Warehouse/ Transload $246,000

City of Little Falls

Camp Ripley Spur Crossings Improvement Project $613,600
70.3 Sanimax USA, LLC Sanimax USA Rail Project $400,000
68.9 Minnesota Northern Railroad Company Crookston Industrial Park and Innovation Center (Phase 1) $1,565,451
64.5 Twin Cities & Western Railroad Company  Converting Stub Track to Double Ended Siding for the Improvement of Railroad Switching Efficiency


(Partial Award)
63.9 Step Saver Inc Step Saver Inc

No award

61.6 Rainy Lake Oil Rainy Lake Oil & Propane Terminal No award
60.7 U.S. Energy, a division of U.S. Venture, Inc Biwabik Transloading Development No award
58.9 NuStar Pipeline Operating Partnership, L.P.  NuStar Roseville Butane Rail Unloading & Additional Storage No award
56.4 Rainy Lake Oil Rainy Lake Oil Fuel Terminal No award
53.6 Lake Agassiz Bean, LLC Lake Agassiz Bean, LLC No award
48.5 North Shore Scenic Railroad/Lake Superior Railroad Museum Lake Superior Railroad Museum Tourism Enhancement Opportunity No award
46.8 Minnesota Valley Regional Railroad Authority MVRRA Fairfax Siding and Road Crossing Project No award

2023 MRSI grant

Score Applicant Description Amount awarded
103.7 Northern Country COOP  Northern Country COOP Shuttle Rail Loading Track $1,200,000
89 Northern Lines Railroad  Rockville Line Improvement  $381,443
86.6 Minnesota Commercial Railway  New Brighton Main Running Lead Rail Upgrade to 115lb $598,865
80.2 F.W. Cobs Company, Inc.   Railcar Loading Modernization $641,153
79.2 RLS GL Intermediate II LLC  RLS MSP $1,900,000
79 Central Farm Service Central Farms Service Delavan Facility Expansion $1,000,000
70.7 Red River Grain Company  Track Rehabilitation $370,213
68.5 KT Transload LLC  Rail Line Improvements to support economic development $536,181
68 Minnesota Valley Regional Railroad Authority  Minnesota River Bridge Rehabilitation $322,145
67.8 Drywall Supply, Inc. Drywall Supply Rail Spur - Faribault No award
67.3 Progressive Rail, Inc.  Phase 1-Comus Line Track Rehab Project ( Faribault, MN) No award
66 Midwest Protein  Rail and Freight Loading Improvement No award
65.4 Twin Cities & Western Railroad Company  TC&W Mainline Turnout Installation and Track Extension Project for New Unloading/Loading Site No award
51.6 Rainy Lake Oil & Propane  Rainy Lake Oil & Propane Rail Project No award
40.8 North Shore Scenic Railroad  Railroad Track Enhancement for North Shore Scenic Railroad Storage Building No award

2022 MRSI grant

Score Applicant Description Amount awarded
87.8 Minnesota Commercial RR Broadway Siding Rail Upgrade $301,350
87.1 Progressive Rail Inc. Rosemount Siding Extension  $609,357
85.4 City of Newfolden Flood Prevention Project $600,000
84 Duluth Seaway Port Authority North Loop Modernization - Clure Public Marine Term.  $1,155,701
82.8 Twin Cities & Western Railroad Company Eden Prairie Rail Access & Unloading/Loading Site $690,000
80.8 American Crystal Sugar Company Rail Spur  $270,000
75.5 Heartland Corn Products Railyard Expansion $1,000,000
72.9 Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) Marshall Starch Production Realignment $1,873,592
68 Northern Lines Railway - Anacostia Lines NLR Rockville Line Improvement No award
66.8 Minnesota Northern Railroad Warroad Subdivision Minnesota Northern Railroad No award
56.9 North Shore Scenic Railroad  Railroad Track Enhancement for North Shore Scenic Railroad Storage Building No award
51.2 Rainy Lake Oil Oil Fuel Terminal Project  No award
50.6 Post Consumer Brands  CMP Farina Rail Car Unload No award
46.8 Rainy Lake Oil  Oil Terminal Project No award
43 St. Louis & Lake Counties Regional Railroad Authority Knife River Depot Rail Siding Installation No award
15.6 Ottertail Valley Railroad OTVR Signals Improvement No award

2021 MRSI grant

Score Applicant Description Amount awarded
70.7 Voyageur Capital Group Grand Rapids Industrial Park $1,145,800
69.5 Farmers Co-operative Elevator Company  Grain Elevator Siding $250,000
69.3 Duluth Seaway Port Authority  Rail Curve Crossing $647,481
68.5 Farmers Grain Terminal - Thief River Falls Track and Rail Crossing  $820,000
66.8 Fairfax Rail Siding  Spur connection to MN Prairie Line $500,000
65.5 Minnesota Commercial Railway  Bridge Repairs $210,319
64.7 Carleton Capital  Carleton Rail Access 2021 Fergus Falls $480,369
64.0 Central Region Cooperative  Buffalo Lake Facility Expansion No award
56.8 Owatonna Business Park  Rail Access Project No award
55.7 Ellis & Eastern  Bridge Rehab Project Nobles and Rock Cty No award
55.2 US OIL  Bibawabik Transload Facility No award
51.3 Ellis & Eastern  Luverne Spur Project No award
49.0 IPS Cranes  Industrial Track Duluth No award
48.5 North Shore Scenic Railroad  Storage Building No award
46.7 Progressive Rail  Bloomington Run Around Track Project No award
46.2 Ellis & Eastern  Bridge Elimination Project Nobles and Rock Cty No award
45.0 Progressive Rail  Rosemount Run Around Track Project No award
44.8 Ellis & Eastern  AGATE Expansion No award
44.7 Step Saver  Randolph Improvements No award
39.7 Rainy Lake Oil  Rail Oil Terminal No award
29.3 Ellis & Eastern  Rail Extension Project Nobles County No award