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Greater Minnesota
District Traffic Engineer Phone
1 - Duluth Jim Miles 218-725-2789
2 - Bemidji Michelle Rognerud-Adams 218-755-6574
3 - Brainerd
Ken Hansen
Robin DeLage (Signals & Lighting)
Griffin Enyart (Signs, Marking & 
Traffic Control)
4 - Detroit Lakes Trudy Kordosky 218-846-3624
6 - Rochester Michael Schweyen 507-286-7636
7 - Mankato Scott Thompson 507-304-6156
8 - Willmar Cody Brand 320-979-4720


Metro District Traffic Office
Function Traffic Engineer Phone
District Traffic Engineer Steve Misgen 651-234-7835
Signals/Design Build

Mike Fairbanks

Signalized Arterial Design and Lighting Management (Signal Design and Lighting) Greg Kern 651-234-7877
Program Support Lars Impola 651-234-7820
Metro Regional Transportation Management Center (RTMC) Brian Kary 651-234-7020
Work Zones and Pavement Markings Ron Rauchle 651-234-7821
Signs Eric Peterson 651-234-7830


MnDOT Office of Traffic Engineering
Function Traffic Engineer Phone
Director, State Traffic Engineer Brian Sorenson 651-234-7004
Assistant State Traffic Engineering Ray Starr 651-234-7050
Signing Josie Tayse 651-234-7371
Traffic Signals & Lighting Sue Zarling 651-234-7052
Traffic Standards (including Approved Products List) Tiffany Kautz 651-234-7388
Assistant State Traffic Engineer Ken Johnson 651-234-7010
Pavement Markings and Crashworthy Devices Ethan Peterson 651-234-7380
Traffic Safety Derek Leuer 651-234-7372
Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Sonja Piper 651-234-7376
Work Zones and Temporary Traffic Control Michelle Moser 651-234-7386