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Aviation A to Z

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Aeronautical Chart (Minnesota)

Minnesota Agricultural Aircraft Association

Air Cargo - Aeronautics Planning Section

Air Service Issues - Rylan Juran rylan.juran@state.mn.us

Air Service Marketing - Aeronautics Planning Section

Air Transportation Section - MnDOT Office of Aeronautics

Aircraft Dealer License

Aircraft Maintenance Technician & IA Renewal Conference – contact Darlene Dahlseide darlene.dahlseide@state.mn.us

Aircraft Registration - MnDOT Office of Aeronautics

Airline Service Airports in Minnesota

Airlines in Minnesota

Airport Development Section - MnDOT Office of Aeronautics

Airport Directory and Travel Guide (Minnesota)

Airport Economic Impact Study

Airport Influence Maps

Airport Inspection Dates/5010 Program

Airport Licensing

Airport Operations Section - MnDOT Office of Aeronautics

AirTAP - Airport Technical Assistance Program

Aviation Acronyms (PDF, 58 KB)

Companies providing Aviation Businesses in Minnesota

Aviation Career Education (ACE) Camp

Aviation education resources

(Minnesota) Aviation Hall of Fame, Inc.

Aviation Licensing


Bus/Transit Information - Department of Transportation


Capital Improvement Program - CIP

CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security)

Civil Air Patrol

Commercial Service Airports in Minnesota

Commercial Operations

Construction - Local Road Construction Near Airports

Credit Application for Airport Development and Improvement


Displaced Threshold Marker Layout (PDF, 79 KB)



Economic Impact Calculator

Economic Impact Study – Airport

Education and resources

Employment with MnDOT - Search for jobs, special recruitment programs and information about benefits and opportunities.

Explore Minnesota


FAA - The Federal Aviation Administration

FAA - MSP - Minneapolis FSDO; The Federal Aviation Administration

Forms and Policies for Airport Development

Aviation Forms, Licenses and Registrations

Fly/Drive Calculator

Fly-Ins and Events in Minnesota

Fly Minnesota Passport Program

Flying Clubs (PDF, 27 KB) in Minnesota

Funding For Airports in Minnesota


Grants For Airports in Minnesota

Ground School Lessons in Minnesota


Hangar Loan Program Information

Heliport Information - Tim Jarvis 651-357-0591 or timothy.jarvis@state.mn.us


Aviation Forms, Licenses and Registrations


Maintenance and Operation Program for Airports in Minnesota

MAC - Metropolitan Airports Commission

MATA - Minnesota Aviation Trades Association

Meteorological Towers

Minnesota Aeronautical Rules

Minnesota Aeronautical Statutes

Minnesota Aircraft Registration

Minnesota Agricultural Aircraft Association

Minnesota Association of Soaring Clubs

Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame, Inc.

MBAA - Minnesota Business Aviation Association

MCOA - Minnesota Council of Airports

Minnesota Seaplane Pilot's Association


Navigation Systems Section - MnDOT Office of Aeronautics


Pavement Management Reports

Permit for Tall Towers - Planning section, aviationplanning.dot@state.mn.us

Pilot Information - MnDOT Aeronautics

Planning and Zoning Section - MnDOT Office of Aeronautics

Prevailing Wage Rate (MnDOT)

Private Airports in Minnesota


Aviation Forms, Licenses and Registrations

Minnesota Rules and Statutes


Sales and Use Tax for Aircraft - Aircraft Registration - 651-234-7201

Scheduled Air Service Airports

Sport Pilot Information - Dan Boerner dan.boerner@state.mn.us

State Aviation System Plan (SASP)

Minnesota Rules and Statutes

Stormwater Program for Industrial Activity - Minnesota Pollution Control Agency


Tall Towers - Planning section, aviationplanning.dot@state.mn.us

Turf Runway Marker Cones Specifications (PDF)

Turf Runway Marker Layout (PDF)




Weather Links

Weather Observation System (AWOS)

Windsock Replacement for Minnesota Airports contact Kris Christenson at 651-485-4501 or kris.christenson@state.mn.us


Zoning - Airport Land Use Zoning